Meet the Pawprint Team

Pieter Erasmus

Pieter is the outfitter of Paw Print Safaris. Pieter is excellent at Big 5 hunting. He has a reputation for putting down Buffalo charges where everyone else has already disappeared into the bush. Many are witness to Pieter taking on a 14 day Safari for a leopard, it was astounding that through pre-baiting and experience he had the leopard in the salt on the second afternoon of his clients arrival. He also had 2 other leopards on baits at the same time and could have taken any one of them. Pieter has a remarkable ability to set up successful Safaris. He goes out of his way to see that every detail is covered before the arrival of any Pawprint client. Pieter also has a knack of selecting properties with the required game and numbers available, currently Pawprint Safaris have a wide selection of Big 5, Plains game and Bird shooting properties to choose from. Pieter has a National Diploma in Marketing and Sales from Technikon South Africa completed in 1996.

Pieter believes in bringing African Hunting to the working man, therefore you will always find value for money and willingness to work within your budget when booking your plainsgame or dangerous game hunt with Pawprintsafaris.

Talk to Pieter about your Safari. His e-mail is always on and you can expect an almost instant reply to your inquiry.

Johan van Wyk

Johan grew up in the Northern Bushveldt of South Africa and has been an avid hunter since a young age.  Johan and Pieter has known each other for more than 20 years.  Johan joined the Pawprint hunting team during the 2016 season and had such great succes that an agreement was reached whereby he will be running Pawprintsafaris-Limpopo as a franchise.

Johan is an excellent dangerous game and plainsgame hunter he posesses great bushcraft and hunting skills.

Jonathan Morris

Jonathan has been hunting since the age of 7 and has a keen interest in the wildlife of Southern Africa. Jonathan is a Qualified and registered South African Tourist guide and Professional hunter. He enjoys fishing, hunting and wing shooting. Jonathan has a calm and patient demeanour. Jonathan’s sense of humour is pretty awe-inspiring and it’s not uncommon to find him and his hunting clients in various states of laughter. On a serious note: Jonathan joined Paw print early in 2015 as an apprentice Professional hunter. He has taken to the profession with a keen enthusiasm. He went through practical training, such as skinning, trophy selection and guiding with ease. Towards the latter part of the 2015 season Jonathan was guiding his own clients and he bagged some excellent trophies for Paw print.

Bill Capwell

Bill started as a client of us and ended up being a friend. Bill is from Pensylvania in the USA and acts as a representative for us. Any questions can be directed to him, he knows and have hunted our areas and can assist you with information from a clients viewpoint. You can mail Bill at

Susan de Bruyn

Susan is Pieters sister and in charge of administration. Kindly contact her at for any queries regarding documentation or payments. Susan can also help you in arranging any other activities you wish to participate in on your African safari.

Kobus van Zyl

Kobus is the Balule Lodge manager, who will ensure that all your needs on your South African hunting safari are met. Please feel free to immediately discuss any of your needs with Kobus ( whilst on your safari.

Rindi Odendaal

Rindi is an artist specialising in drawings and graphic design.  Her background lies in computer programing.  Rindi has a great interest in hunting as a conservation tool and took her first animal in 2016 when joining the Pawprintsafaris Team in the capacity as website designer and advertising executive. Rindi also acts as assitant to Pieter and can be contacted if hunting takes him out of the office.


Claudius is our full time safari chef who will surprise you each day with exciting african safari cuisine.

Max and Joe

Max and Joe

These are the highly skilled trackers and skinners in the Pawprintsafaris Team.  Both these gentleman have years of experience in tracking wounded dangerous game and plains game.  Be sure that if anyone is able to find a wounded animal it would be one of these two.

They are excellent skinners with thousands of animals as experience, be sure of no knife slips on your well deserved African trophy animal.

Piet & Nara

These are our highly trained gun dogs who will ensure that you as wing shooter end up with an exciting mixed bag of birds at the end of each hunt.