Personally I tend to go with the nostalgic African calibres as my favorites for hunting dangerous game. These are calibres that proved themselves over many decades through either game departments or safari hunters.


.375 Holland &Holland:


Definitely a personal favorite and up to any dangerous game Africa offers. The 375 is well known for its excellent penetration. A 300 grain premium bullet, well placed is enough medicine for any dangerous game animal.


.404 Jeffrey


The Jeffrey was used by many game departments to sort out problem buffalo, hippo and elephant. Nothing more needed than a 400 grain bullet travelling at 2300 fps to tip over your buffalo trophy bull.


.416 Rigby


Made famous by well known PH Harry Selby through the literature written by Robert Ruark, the 416 needs no introduction. Perfect for buffalo hunting and excellent for lion hunting with a lighter bullet than the normal 400 grain, ensuring  higher velocity.


.500 Jeffrey


This is the real deal as a back up rifle for dangerous game, whether lion, buffalo, hippo or elephant. The big Jeffrey packs a huge punch!


.505 Gibbs


The Gibbs needs a big magnum action to accommodate the big shell. Like the Jeffrey it will knock down anything called dangerous game on the planet.







My personal favorite amongst the classic doubles. 570grains at 2150 feet per second, to me the perfect back up rifle for a PH on dangerous game.


.470 NE


The most popular of the double rifles, not much you can say about a rifle that has proved itself as one of Africas best.





Bringing one of the more modern calibres on your African dangerous game safaris will work perfect. With technology and the improvement of gunpowders over the years smaller shells which can be used in standard actions can give the same ballistics as the huge shells from yesteryear, the 375 and 416 Rugers are great examples.

The 458 Lott , 460 Weatherby and 458 Win Mag has proved to be extremely good dangerous game rifles.





Any of the calibres used on Northern hemisphere animals will work on South African plainsgame hunting species, use premium grade bullets!


Favorites for plainsgame hunting in South Africa are:



.308 win

.300 win mag



.7mm Remington Magnum

.338 win mag