Pawprintsafaris offers you fantastic Bow Hunting opportunities in South Africa.

South Africa bow hunting for big game makes for an amazing hunting trip that you’ll talk about for decades. One of our concessions has now become a dedicated Bow Hunting area and plans are in place to build permanent blinds in well suited locations on this concession. From the Bow hunters that hunted with us in 2014 we have learnt a lot and obtained new information about this wonderful sport. Many Bow Hunting methods that are used overseas have been incorporated into our Bow Hunting operation and in places we have incorporated strictly South African ideas. The advice we received was of a top quality and we are very grateful for what we have learned.

To date we have been using Pop up Ground blinds but we are in the process of building permanent below Ground blinds out of Brick as well as a few tree stands. It is law in South Africa that hunters must be with their PH at all times, so regarding Tree stands we need to be sure we can get 2 people into the tree at a time. It’s a challenge but we are looking at various options and we will be fully set-up for the 2015 season.

We also managed a few trophies through Walk and Stalk Bow hunting this year. The dedicated Bow Hunting concession obviously leaves the Game much tamer and approaching them on foot at close range is now quite possible, this is especially the case with Nyala and Red Hartebeest.

Most of your Plains Game African trophies are available on our Bow Hunting concession. These include Eland, Red Hartebeest, Nyala, Blue Wildebeest, Impala, Mountain Reedbuck, Warthog, Bushbuck and Zebra. On other concessions which are not dedicated Bow Hunting properties we have Kudu, Springbuck, Gemsbok and Black Wildebeest available as well.

Pawprintsafaris also allows Bow Hunters to set up and decide on their own positioning of Blinds. If you have an idea that you like while you are hunting with us then by all means let us know, we will help you build new temporary hides in different locations and at all times it’s good to know that we remain open to and appreciate any and all new ideas. It is your Safari after all.

Standard with Bow Hunting throughout the world there is No Smoking allowed in the blinds and movement is kept to an absolute minimum. Your PH will point out the best trophies to you and Trackers and a Tracking Dog will be in the area and available to assist in locating your Trophy. If it happens that there is a chance the trophy may get away then it is usually put down by your PH with a rifle. Normally these things are dealt with at the time and it’s very seldom that a Trophy needs to be dispatched by your PH.

Consider us for you African Bow Hunt. We are very excited about the opportunities we can offer you and we are confident you will get the Trophies you are interested in through Pawprintsafaris.