Affordable and exciting plains game hunting


South Africa  offers the most species of huntable plains game on the whole continent of Africa from the giant eland to the little blue duiker.

Most of our plains game hunting are done in the Northwest and Limpopo provinces of South Africa. These provinces are renowned for the excellent quality of plains game they offer.

The Magaliesberg biosphere where Pawprintsafaris main lodge is situated forms the transforming range between bushveldt and highveld. This meaning more huntable plains game species naturally occur in this area than anywhere else in the country. The mountains offer giant kudu, the bushveldt savannah large herds of wildebeest, zebra etc and the open plains toward the west springbuck, black wildebeest and gemsbuck.


The Kudu must be on the top of most plains game hunters wishlist when visiting South Africa for a plains game hunt. Known as the “grey ghost” for a good reason, Kudu are mostly found in the thickets and mountains. The Kudu has radar like ears and can pick up the slightest sound. The magnificent Kudu is part of the spiral horn family which includes eland, bushbuck and nyala, hunt all four these spiral horns and you have the magnificent spiral horn slam.

We offer the Southern greater kudu which is much bigger than its Southern cousin the Cape kudu.


Argueably the toughest of all the plains game animals, called the poormans buffalo for a good reason.  When initial shot placement on the blue wildebeest is not good he will keep you busy for hours, always make sure you do not shoot to high which easily happens because of the emphasized size of the forequarters of a blue wildebeest in comparison to his hind.


Zebra should be on the list of each and every plains game hunter visiting the African continent, the Zebra makes a beautifull rug that screams Africa.

Don’t be fooled by their look, these are tough animals that needs good shot placement to bring them down.


The black wildebeest or white tailed gnu is the open grassland cousin of the blue wildebeest, smaller but almost as tough. They are known as the “clowns of the bush” always shaking heads and tails with black wildebeest hers that are able to run for hours on end in a pattern of 8.

Be sure to practice with your plains game rifle out to 350 yards if this plains game species is on your wishlist.


The royal member of South Africas plains game. Sable due to breeding has become an affordable plains game species to hunt. They are tough plains game animals and must be treated with respect when wounded. The sable antelope is a magnificent trophy to add to your plains game collection.


The nyala is a shy plains game antelope that tends to stay in the thickets. One of the most beautifull plains game trophies you can have. If Nyala is on your plains game hunting list consider a half or full mount to show the lovely yellow legs.


One of my personal favorite plains game animals. In our area we have the Limpopo bushbuck a shy plains game hunting species that tend to be nocturnal and stick to thickets , riverbeds and creeks. Any plains game hunter should consider having the cunning , beautifull bushbuck on his plains game hunting list.


South Africas national animal, a number of South African sportsteams are named after this plains game animal with its beautifull markings.  If springbuck are on your plains game hunting list be sure to take pictures in a hurry while the “pronk”(a ridge of hair on the back of the springbuck) is still open and be sure to get the sweet scent coming from it.