Although all dangerous game and plains game species are not included here you will notice that shot placement are similar.  Note the low heart position on both the black wildebeest and blue wildebeest.

The giraffe differs from other plains game in that the vitals are situated much higher and more forward than on other plains game species.  A high neck shot is advised on giraffe.

The crocodile leaves little room for error in that the brain is extremely small.  A neck shot just behind the “smile” will work perfectly to paralize the crocodile.

The side on picture of the Elephant does not reflect the brain shot which are usually preferred.  If you look at the ear hole of the elephant and extend it with the size of a man’s fist towards the eye you will have the perfect brain shot.

Frontal shots on plains game or dangerous game are not often taken albeit that this shot is sometimes the only one presented.  The best will then be to aim right underneith the chin.  Your professional hunter will advise you on any other shots or angles presented during the hunt.

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