Pawprintsafaris are owner operated and you will mostly stay in camps owned or solely operated by Pawprintsafaris.

The outfitters of Pawprintsafaris are also acting as Professional hunters on both dangerous game and plains game safaris.

Whenever you are assigned to a PH that is not the outfitter it will be an experienced PH in our employment with the mandate to make decisions in the bush.

You deal directly with the outfitters and not with staff that does not have a mandate to take decisions or give discounts.

All our staff is vastly experienced and will be able to guide you in a professional way on your African hunting safari.

The return rate of our clients are well over 80 percent, meaning we have numerous references you can speak to for peace of mind.

Pawprintsafaris specifically target the working man, ensuring affordable, discounted hunting in South Africa. We are willing to work within your budget and are always open for negotiating a tailor made hunting package that suits your pocket , needs and dreams.