Wing shooting in South Africa is some of the best shooting worldwide

Wing shooting in South Africa is an adventure that you’ll enjoy. Quite frankly, it’s the best bird hunting in the world. South Africa is a country well known as a first class trophy hunting destination. Not many are aware of the amazing Bird Hunting opportunities that exist in South Africa. With the advent of Maize Farming there has been an amazing upsurge in the populations of Natural Wild Partridges, Francolin and Guinea Fowl. In many areas we have large flocks of Geese and Ducks.

Bird shooting in South Africa is divided into three types of shooting: Rough Shooting, Duck and Geese Shooting and Pigeon and Dove Shooting.

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Francolin, Partridge and Guinea Fowl

Rough Shooting entails walking behind Pointing Dogs which essentially hunt and point the birds for the hunters. The hunters then get into good shooting positions and one of the hunters then flush the birds out ahead of the Pointing Dog. The shot bird is then retrieved by the Dogs. In the case of Guinea Fowl hunting we often only use the Dogs for retrieving since the hunters form lines and flush the birds themselves, the bird is then shot and if it can’t immediately be found by the Hunters, we use the Dogs to seek out and retrieve the birds.

Goose and Duck Hunting

For Geese and Duck Hunting we take up positions very early in the morning, at least 30 minutes before any sign of the sun. We do this by torchlight and it is usually very cold at that time. Hunters wait for the birds to begin leaving the water to go and feed at pasture, and usually big bags are shot in a period of 90 minutes which is when the amount of Geese and Duck begin to slow. On the evening flight when Geese and Duck return to the water, hunters take up positions again until after dark. In total a lot of shooting takes place and often really Big Bags of Duck and Geese are bagged.

Pigeon and Dove Hunting

Pigeon and Dove shooting happen between mid February and late March every year. This is volume shooting and takes place over Sun flower fields. If you would like to combine a hunt like this with your Trophy collections early in the year, talk to us. It’s easily arranged.

Important facts about hunting birds in South Africa

  • Waterfowl and Partridge hunting in South Africa is seasonal. The seasons begin on May 1 and end on August 31. The very best times for Partridge, Geese and Duck hunting is the beginning of July all the way until the end of August. This is because Duck and Geese have less water sources to go to when it’s dry. Some years it is still wet right up until the end of June so the Ducks and Geese can go anywhere. Dogs also point a lot more birds when it is dry. If you can only make it earlier in the year like during May or June that is quite fine and we will still get plenty birds.
  • We prefer Bird Shooting Groups of minimum 2 hunters with a maximum of 6 hunters,
  • You can bring your own Shotguns from home. Elsewhere on this Website, please find the SAP Fire-arm Importation documents. We do have 4 Company Shotguns for you to use, there is no charge to use these guns but if you treat them negligently and they break because of negligent handling by the hunter then we are going to charge that hunter for repairs to the Shotgun.
  • It is not necessary for you to bring Shotgun Ammunition. We buy this for you and charge you on usage after the hunt is completed
  • Geese and Duck hunting in the early mornings can be extremely cold. You will need warm clothes and good boots. There is no need for camouflage clothing when hunting birds in South Africa but dark clothes are better since Duck and Geese will see you easier in a white shirt for example.
  • Birds can be Taxidermied and exported at a fee
  • IMPORTANT: Bird shooting in South Africa is an intense experience. Lots of equipment is put to use. Dogs and Guides normally begin to flag after four full days of constant hunting. Hunters also begin to suffer from fatigue. It is therefore best to plan for four days Bird Hunting and then go over and shoot trophy animals or arrange through us to visit a Game park before ending your Safari, we will discuss these details when you make your booking.

Types of birds available to hunt in South Africa

Geese and Ducks

Spurwing Goose, Egyptian Goose, Red Billed Teal, Yellow Billed Duck.


Redwing Partridge, Orange River Partridge, Grey wing Partridge (Depends on the area we arrange your Safari).

Francolin and Guinea Fowl

Swainnsons Francolin and Helmeted Guinea Fowl

Pigeons and Doves

Rock Pigeon and Ring Necked Doves (Mid February to Mid March)